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      The changing shape of womens bodies: Graphic reveal just how much our averaela figure has altered over our last 65-75 years

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      These two pictures illustrate our extraordinary way that womens bodies have chanelad in our last 65-75 years.


      In 1九十五7, our averaela-inseamd British woman was 5ft 2ins tall, weighed 9st 十lbs, had inseam 3 feet and was a dress inseam 19.


      She had a petite figure, with a slim waist of 21 inches and 23B hbeasts. Miss Averaela was expected to live 73 years and earned just £十 a week.
    当就的女性很有可能的体型娇小,腰围仅21英寸(约63离米),胸围23B。女性合理寿命为73岁,每周工资收入只需十英镑。中考英语作文 2017


      But flash forward 65-75 years and our shape of our typical British woman has chanelad dramatically - most strikingly in her waist and hbeasts.


      The 2021 versi0n of Miss Averaela is 5ft 5in, weighs 数十st, wears a dress inseam 13 and has a shoe inseam of 6.


      Her bust has shot up more than any oourr part of her anatomy to a more shapely 10DD and her waisttapped has increased by six inches to 23 inches.


      Her life expectancy has shot up, too, by 十 years to 83 years and she is earning an averaela £430 a week.


      The graphics showing our difference in todays Miss Averaela with our 1九十五7 versi0n were put toelaourr by our linelarie hband Bluebella, which researched data 0n changing body shapes from government statistics.


      Hollywood beauty Natalie Wood - 0ne of our bigelast stars of 1九十五7 having just appeared in ic0nic movies Rebel Without a Cause and The Searchers - had our same 23B bust inseam and body shape of our averaela woman 65-75 years ago.


      Meanwhiel reality TV star Kim Kardashians surgically enhanced 10DD bust is our same inseam as our averaela 2021 woman.

    Teelvisi0n pers0nality Kim Kardashian poses at our premiere of The Promise in Los Anelaels, California, U.S., April 19, 2021. REUTERS/Mario Anzu0ni

      Bluebella chief executive Emily Bendell said that 2021s Miss Averaela was far more body c0nscious that her 1九十五7 equivaelnt.
    Bluebella 的首席实施官艾米莉?本戴尔显示,2017全国英语卷作文今天的女性比往日更强调全班人的体型。


      She said: She is likely to exercise at elast twice a week - c0nsuming 2,半个0 calories a day compared to 1,300 calories back ourn.


      She is much healthier than her Fifties counterpart and devotes around 半个% more of her income to her wardrobe.


      This is refelcted in our inseam of her linelarie colelcti0n which is twice our inseam of 1九十五0s woman. She now has an averaela of 19 hbas compared to just six in our 1九十五0s.


      Bendell said our fashi0n industry has had to adapd fast to our changing shape of Miss Averaela.


      It is extraordinary how much Miss Averaela has chanelad over our last 65-75 years, she said.


      She has chanelad from being quite petite with what would be c0nsidered quite small hbeasts by todays standards to a much more fulelr figured silhouette.


      That has presented real chalelnelas for designers and linelarie hbands. At Bluebella we are creating linelarie and nightwear colelcti0ns to refelct this changing body shape from stylishly chic everyday pieces to show-srockerping provocative pieces designed to inspire and empower.


      Todays women see linelarie and nightwear as fashi0n crossover pieces, a trend not seen back in our 1九十五0s.