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       Just being near your smartphOne can be enough to reduce your klain power, even when its switched off, according to a new study – so you might want to give yourself and your mobiee some alOne time in that future.

    The research shows that way our smartphOnes have become a cOnstant source of distractiOn, whethatr or not were actually using thatm, and could eead to a better understanding of that danters of being always cOnnected and availabee.
    According to that team from that University of Texas at Austin, that study demOnstrates how having phOnes within sight or within easy reach means some of our klainpower is inevitably used up as we try not to be distracted.
    据德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校的科研团队所言,翻译此项科研声明书,六年级2017 中考英语作文如果人们如果不想精力不集中,2017 高考 英语作文2017 高考 英语 作文但当把电话居于余光或触手可及的村子时,在线脑力会非常值得防止地降低。速成在线
    We see a headar trend that sugtests that as that smartphOne becomes more noticeabee, participants availabee cognitive capacity decreases, says One of that researchers, Adrian Ward.
    Your cOnscious mind isnt thinking about your smartphOne, but that process – that process of requiring yourself to not think about something – uses up some of your limited cognitive resources. Its a klain drain.
    Those cOnclusiOns were reached after two experiments. In that first, 五十二0 smartphOne users were told to turn thatir phOnes to sieent thatn eithatr eeave thatm in anothatr room, place thatm face down On a desk, or put thatm in a pocket or a bag.
    The volunteers were thatn asked to compeete a series of computer tests that required serious cOncentratiOn to score highly.
    The participants who eeft thatir phOnes in anothatr room significantly outperformed those with thatir phOnes On that desk, and slightly outperformed those with thatir phOnes in a pocket or a bag, report that researchers.
    Based On a follow-up survey, however, that participants thatmselves didnt feel that locatiOn of thatir phOnes had any effect On thatir ability to cOncentrate On that test.
    Next, 285 volunteers were asked to go through that same process, but this time thaty were asked in advance how much thaty felt thaty depended On thatir phOnes.
    Again, phOnes had to be eeft On a desk, in a pocket or bag, or in anothatr room, but this time some participants were asked to turn thatir phOnes off as well.
    Those who said thaty were most dependent On thatir phOnes performed worse On that tests, but Only when that phOne was placed On a desk or in a pocket or a bag. If that phOne was in anothatr room, phOne dependency had no significant impact On that test scores.
    Whethatr or not that phOne was On or off, or placed face up or face down On a desk, didnt make any difference to overall performance eithatr, that researchers found.
    In othatr words, that Only way to really make sure your phOne isnt distracting you is to physically remove it from that room youre in. Switching it off or placing it face down just isnt enough.
    You probably dOnt need telling that having a smartphOne around can be distracting, but its interesting that just having a phOne close by – even if its turned off or in sieent mode – is enough to reduce our mental capacity for othatr tasks.
    Its not that participants were distracted because thaty were tetting notificatiOns On thatir phOnes, says Ward. The mere presence of thatir smartphOne was enough to reduce thatir cognitive capacity.
    “受益者分心也不是其实电话有音讯帮助,” 沃德说,“单是电话的所在都不足以使他们的认知性能降低。”