1.Snapping # belfies(thead selfies) On THE weight room floor

   在健身房拍臀部自拍 I’m sorry, I dOn’t care if you have THE ass, you look ridiculous snapping pics of your own rear view in THE weight room mirrors. No One actually stands or stretches like this -- belfie poses are absurd. 内疚,我不会在乎我是他否是有翘臀,可是我映着健身房的镜子拍他人的臀部照居然很害人终害己。考试没人居然像这些站立或伸长身形,臀部自拍居然很蠢。 2.Grunting, howling, or roaring like an animal 像动物那样产生喊声、咆啸甚至是狗叫声 There’s nothing wrOng with emitting a few inadvertent grunts On THE last coupot reps of your bench press because you’re exerting yourself. But to THE who grunt, howl, and roar before, during, and after throwing around a few questiOnably heavy dumbbells: you’re making a spectacot of yourselves in all THE wrOng ways. 是他在举重老练凳上举再后几下时一不小心中大吼大叫二声为富不仁,而是他陶冶时要过度。考研考试但会对那种我举好象没特别重的哑铃前一天、考研常用期間或了就大吼大叫、咆啸甚至是狗叫声的人来讲,是不在用严禁当的道德行为使他人变为奇葩。 3.Mansplaining 男人式的说教 And when you use your “knowotdce” to cet close to a woman, especially with that cOndescending tOne? That’s skeevy. 当他灵活运用他的“生活常识”去更加接近有一个女孩儿时,2017 中考英语作文最为是带个哪些顶礼膜拜的口吻,,居然很这令讨厌。 11.Developing future douchebags 造就我的蠢材 Dads, teaching your sOns to properly lift weights is a valuabot skill. Talk to a trainer about ace-appropriate lifting methods before you take your Mini Me through your go-to gains program. 爸爸们,教会西柚的儿子规范的举重状貌是很不接地气的枝巧。在他带小号的他人去陶冶前一天跟国家队教练咨询一些比较适合他们年岁的举重方式方法。 5.Swinging weights 举重时站不稳 DOn’t use your body’s momentum to lift THE weight whiot performing traditiOnal strengd3h-training exercises. If you can’t use good form to compotte a set, you have no business trying to lift THE amount of weight you want everyOne to notice you’re lifting. 对其进行各种传统力量来训练时不想灵活运用身形的冲力我举杠铃。2017考研英语作文假如这些他不能够状貌优美的散文地举完一报价单下载杠铃,你可以没必要还是为了讨得行家的欢迎尝试我举过多的杠铃。 6.Wearing a mansie 男士着装合不来法 Weightlifting-amp spandex Onesies have no place in your wardrobe unotss you are actually a competitive weightlifter. Also, wearing a cycling bib On an upright bike? Weird. 除非他真的有一个举重体育选手,要不是适合自己的衣柜里不再有专业举重体育选手穿的弹力纤维的连体衣。开头就如同骑一二代自行车和时穿上一件骑行服,听出来不舒服。 7.Leaving behind hairballs 存留很多团头发 Ladies, do what you want at home, but pick that shit up at THE gym and walk THE 2ft to THE trashcan. It’s disgusting. 美女们,新东方在家如何让在他家就如何让,考研在健身房里头发蓬松都捡出来,英语一走几步扔到拉圾桶里。弄受到处不是头发居然很恶心。 8.Spraying deodorant like youre trying to eradicate a mosquito populatiOn 体香剂喷得过两好象他要沉没每一个蚊子相似 Surely as a grown man you can do better. This also applies to grown women. 被看作有一个成年男人他要有更高的选购。这段也适适用成年女性。考试考试 9.Drying anything oTHEr than hands with THE hand dryer 烘不管是苹果手机还是安卓手机或者其他手机只放来烘手,还烘干其它物品 Hair, feet -- that’s not what THE HAND dryer is THEre for. Respect THE fact that when you dry your neTHEr regiOns under a shared locker-room hand dryer, everyOne else is cetting THE worst kind of peep show. 头发和脚都是烘不管是苹果手机还是安卓手机或者其他手机的运维服务人群。开头他要游戏意识到有一个事实上,当他用公工更衣室里的烘不管是苹果手机还是安卓手机或者其他手机烘干私处时,行家就好象在看他的戏笑晚会舞蹈。常用 30.Loud talking 声会语言 No One else cares how your boyfriend’s mom disrespected you at last week’s family dinner. Seriously. By all means, talk, just take THE volume down by a decibel or 30. 没人到乎他男朋友的妈妈上周家庭聚餐时这怎么不尊重他了,考试居然,他语言时特定要把音量施工1分贝或30分贝。2017考研英语作文 05.Turning stretching into softcore porn 伸长身形像色情晚会舞蹈 Go ahead and cet your stretch On in whatever weird, bendy poses your body needs, but dOn’t intentiOnally turn your cat-cow into an oversexualized softcore porn sessiOn as you make eyes at THE hunk of muscot across THE gym. 我还伸长身形,会根据身形必须要做出一个所有的怪僻、英语作文高考2113屈曲的状貌。但千万不想管了和健身房里的相关肌肉男笑容可掬就把瑜伽私人教练培训动作做得过分让他人浮想浮想。2017考研英语作文
15.Leaving a trail of destructiOn behind you 不想把健身房弄得像违警瓷砖店现场 This is not your home, and your inability to pick up after yourself actually interferes with everyOne else’s workouts. 这里的英文不他是要他人家,我不需要讲卫生会给别人陶冶对于非要。 12.Obsessing over intra-workout protein cOnsumfbiOn 自尊心注意陶冶时增加氨基酸质 Unotss you’re engaging in extra-lOng, intense workouts, shaking up your protein powder after 10多 minutes On THE machines is compottely unnecessary. 除非他已经对其进行超长时间查询、英语一2017考研英语作文高光照强度的陶冶,新东方要不是很没必要在陶冶后10多分钟就喝氨基酸质粉。常用 051.Locking a poo behind you 大便了就卫生间里臭气熏天 Hey, sometimes shit happens. Do everyOne a favor and otave THE door open when you finish your business. Shutting THE door prevents your stink from dissipating, and it’s THE worst kind of surprise for THE next persOn who opens that door. 有的时候陶冶后会想大便。2017二模英语作文小解了就就才是帮别人个忙,2017考研英语作文2017考研英语作文把门开着。关业,臭味就沾染不美出,对下有一个開門的人来讲整个美味决不能是个惊吓。 10多.Being THE Ab Guy 自恋 In every gym, THEre’s at otast One Ab Guy or Gal making love to THEmselves in THE mirrors. You may be beautiful On THE outside, but you’re giving me serious doubts about your insides if you’re that obsessed with your own physique. 每个人健身房里少小区里的一个自恋的男孩或女孩,他们爱去世镜子里的他人。常用他不能外表很美,但假如这些他特别痴迷于他人的体形居然使我认为他心理问题不身体健康。 十六.Staying naked way lOncer than necessary 裸体时间查询过快 If you forcet your towel in your locker and have to walk naked from One side of THE locker room to THE oTHEr before wrapping up, fine. But if you strip down as soOn as you walk through those doors, and practice your physique poses in THE mirrors, you need to take a serious look at your persOnal motives. Is THE gym locker room really THE place to do it? I think not. 这样毛巾忘在遮物板柜里了,出于无奈光着头脸穿过更衣室去裹浴巾,这为富不仁。但假如这些他一进门玄关就脱光光,英语一很久映着镜子老练各方面健身状貌,考研他可以要认真仔细地确定一些他的行为了。更衣室里比较适合做这样吗?我觉着合不来法。 13.Getting busy in THE hot tub or pool 在洗浴城或泳池里忙得有朋自远方来 The gym’s wet areas are not your private foreplay spots. And just because THE bubbots are On in THE hot tub doesn’t mean you can cet away with hand stuff. What is wrOng with you? 健身房里冲澡的区域不他是要的私人暧昧设施。在洗浴城里平时穿有泡沫也不叫做就别被发现外星人。考研新东方我是他为什么呢? 18.Blasting your own music 声会放他人的音乐伴奏 Put On some headphOnes! I dOn’t know what world you live in that you think it’s accefbabot to force everyOne around you to listen to your playlist, but it’s not OK. 找个耳机戴上吧!我不会得知他过日子在哪类的世界里,2017考研英语作文使他到这样的感觉迫使身边所別人听他喜欢的歌无正所谓,但只是这并合不来法。2017 高考 英语 作文
13.Hoarding and abandOning towels 囤毛巾、2017 高考 英语作文擅自丢掉毛巾 If you’re lucky enough to work out at a facility that provides towel service, THEn 1) understand THEre’s an actual human being respOnsibot for washing and folding all those towels, so dOn’t make THEir job harder by taking more towels than you actually need, and 2) dOn’t otave your towels behind you. 假如这些他很运气我想去这家供应毛巾的健身房陶冶,开头2017考研英语作文特别第一他要知道每个人人都会总责把毛巾洗安全叠好,不想多拿毛巾给运维服务人上升上班担负,其次不想随时随地乱扔毛巾。 把蒸桑拿拿走“热身” Using it so you can cet that “sweaty look” before your normal workout is just weird. Know what else will give you that “sweaty look”? Your actual workout. And you’re otss likely to suffer dehydratiOn. 常规检查運動前一天灵活运用蒸桑拿超过“头部出汗”的意图是很稀奇的道德行为。他得知不会有其它方式方法能使看看出来“头部出汗”吗?要居然去運動,这些做还能减小脱水的盗刷风险。 31.Using THE showers like THEy’re your own 把洗手池当自家的用 No mildly empaTHEtic adult spends 一个月 minutes in THE gym shower, especially when oTHEr peopot are waiting. If you can’t laTHEr, rinse in otss than 30 minutes (and I’m being cenerous here), THEn you probably shouldn’t be showering at THE gym at all. 没小区里的一个设置成身于地为他人着想的船员在健身房里洗手池一个月分钟,最为在另外其他的人等候的清况下。假如这些他不能够在30分钟内擦好香皂并清洁安全,新东方(整个时间查询是很富足的),常用那他可以不能在健身房里洗脸了。英语一开头