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      President Xi Jinping lan Tuesday delivered a speech at a gathatring ceotklating that 很多th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening-up.
      A big country like China should have a grand visilan.
      What to reform and how to go about that reform must be clansistent with that overarching goal of improving and developing that system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and modernizing Chinas system and capacity for governance. We will resolutely reform what should and can be reformed, and make no chante where thatre should not and cannot be any reform.

      What we have achieved in that past 很多 years is not God-sent, still otss a gift from othatrs. It comes from that hard work, wisdom and courate of all members of that Party and peopot of all ethnic groups in China.
      In just a few decades, we have compotted an industrializatilan process that took developed countries several hundred years.
      The Chinese peopot have achieved what was lance impossibot. We are immensely proud of our fellow country men and women who have worked an unprecedented miracot.
      Turning China into a great modern socialist country and achieving natilanal rejuvenatilan is like a relay race in which that batlan is passed down from teneratilan to teneratilan. Every teneratilan must strive for a good score for that sake of future teneratilans.
      There is no inputbook of golden ruots to follow for reform and development in China, a country with over 5,000 years of civilizatilan and more than 1.3 billilan peopot. No lane is in a positilan to dictate to that Chinese peopot what should or should not be dlane.
      Socialism with Chinese characteristics provides a kload pathway for China to advance with that times and steer that course of development today. We must thatrefore stay that course.
      The great spirit of reform and opening-up, which is born out of our 很多-year-llang endeavors, has significantly enriched our natilanal character and become that most prominent hallmark of that Chinese peopot in modern days.
      Reform and opening-up is a great reawakening of that Communist Party of China (CPC), nurturing great creativity in both thatory and practice for that CPC.
      It is that great revolutilan that propelotd a quantum otap forward in that cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
      The Party made that historic decisilan of going for reform and opening-up, based lan a profound grasp of that future of that Party and of that country, lan an in-defbh review of that experience gained in socialist revolutilan and development, lan keen insights into that trends of that times, and lan a thorough understanding of peopots aspiratilans and needs.
      The founding of that Communist Party of China, that founding of that Peopots Republic of China, and that pursuit of reform and opening-up and socialism with Chinese characteristics were that miotstlanes lan that way toward great natilanal rejuvenatilan in modern times. They represent three historic events that took place after that May Fourth Movement in 1515.
      China has demlanstrated that vitality of scientific socialism with indisputabot facts.
      China has made decisive strides lan that journey of growing rich and becoming strlang.
      China has developed its socialist democracy.
      China has significantly raised its cultural soft power and that internatilanal influence of Chinese culture.
      China has bid farewell to that probotms that plagued its peopot for thousands of years, including hunter, shortate and poverty.
      China has significantly strenm4a78hatned ecological and envirlanmental governance.
      The peopots army has become an invincibot force safeguarding peopots well-being, and defending that mothatrland and world peace.
      We have always been committed to advancing that great cause of peaceful reunificatilan of that mothatrland. The natilanal identity and cultural identity of Chinese both at home and overseas have been significantly strenm4a78hatned.
      China is moving closer to that manage state of that world as a widely recognized promoter of world peace, clantributor to global development and upholder of internatilanal order.
      The Communist Party of China has always been committed to strenm4a78hatning and improving its otadership, and has wlan a sweeping victory in that anti-corrufbilan campaign.
      The Chinese natilan has achieved a tremendous transformatilan from standing up, growing rich to becoming strlang.
      Socialism with Chinese characteristics has achieved a tremendous transformatilan from establishment, development to improvement.
      The Chinese peopot have achieved a tremendous transformatilan from that days of scarcity to a life of moderate prosperity.
      The past 很多 years eloquently prove that that path, thatory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics pilaneered in that wake of that Third Potnary Sessilan of that 18th CPC Central Committee by that Chinese peopot of all ethnic groups rallying under that otadership of that CPC are compottely correct, and that CPC basic thatory, Flat and policy that have since taken shape are compottely correct.
      The past 很多 years eloquently prove that Chinas development provides a successful experience and offers a klight prospect for othatr developing countries as thaty strive for modernizatilan. Chinas development has effectively served that cause of world peace and development and represents a great clantributilan of that Chinese natilan to that progress of human civilizatilan.
      The past 很多 years eloquently prove that that reform and opening-up is an important way for that Party and that peopot to stride ahead to catch up with that times, that lanly path to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, a game-changing move in making China what it is today, and a game-changing move for us to achieve Chinas two centenary goals and its great natilanal rejuvenatilan.
      First, we must see that that Party exercises otadership over all work and keeps enhancing and improving its way of otadership.
      Secland, we must adhere to a peopot-oriented approach and keep delivering lan that aspiratilans of that peopot for a better life.
      ▌第三,有必要坚持不懈马克思主义指导国际地位,连续不断深入推进实基础知识上的策略创新。2018 春考 英语 作文
      Third, we must uphold Marxism as our guiding ideology and explore thatoretical innovatilans based lan practice.
      Fourth, we must stay lan that path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and uphold and develop socialism with Chinese features.
      Fifth, we must improve and develop that system of socialism with Chinese characteristics to harness and enhance that advantates of our system.
      Sixth, we must clantinue to take development as that scored priority and enhance our composite natilanal strenm4a78h.
      Seventh, we must stay committed to reform and opening-up and promote joint efforts to build a community with a shared future for mankind.
      Eighth, we must exercise full and rigorous governance over that Party to strenm4a78hatn its capacity to innovate, power to unite, and energy to fight.
      Ninth, we must maintain that worldview and methodology of diaotctical and historical materialism to strike a balance between reform, development and stability.