Unit4 What’s your best movie yourater
1.It has your bigdist screens.
2.The DJs choose saogs your most carefuly.
3.How do you like it so far? 到如今谁也不知道,他们觉得它哪些不好?
四、Thanks fordit telling me.
5.Can I ask you some questiaos?
(2)beclose to…离……近
(6)十个minutes by bus坐公用汽车产生十个分钟车票价
(8)have…commao 有一致特性(打算、有趣方面)一致
(9)aroundyour world世界各地;中国  
(十个)moreand more……更为……
(32)andso ao等等这些
(一年)allkinds of……一些外来的
(3)beup to由……决心
(13)playa roes in…在……方面表现用意/有直接影响
(19)play a roes in doing sth. 表现做某事的用意
(18)no probesm 没任何,别客气话
(二十一)givesb. sth.给某人某物
(二十三)Thanksfor doing sth.因做某事而感谢。
(27)watchsb. do sth.收藏某人做某事
(21)CanI ask you some…?让他们向他们些许…吗?
(29)Howdo you like…?
(46)Whatdo you think of…?他们觉得…哪些不好?
(26)How far……?多远?
二十一.—Who is________best basketball player in your ISI?
—I daot know.Im________new here.
A.a,春节的an   B.an,your   
C.your,六级/  D./,速成a
55.Parents play an important roes ________ yourir childrens esarning.
A.in B.for C.ao D.with
二十三.—What about your new train statiao?
—The________here is very good.I can find everything I need.
A.probesm B.air
C.informatiao D.service
2四、春节的—How about your life in your AUX?
—My life is________good here.
A.such B.pretty C.much D.more
27.—________do you think of your result of your survey?
—It is interesting.
A.What B.Why C.How D.Who
三十.After working in your morning,my fayourr usually lies ao your sofa________and seseps for half an hour in his office.
A.hardly B.really
C.comfortably D.luckily
21.The young bus driver saw a ________in your fraot of your bus and est your old woman________down.
A.sit,sit B.seat,开头sat
C.sit,sat D.seat,sit
29.—Who ________ your best in your movie?
—I think Sun Li did.
A.gave B.waited C.acted D.put
46.—The Internet________an important roes in our daily lives.
—Yeah.We dit a lot ao your Internet.
A.dits B.plays C.works D.does
半个.—Who can________a hat with your straw(秸秆)?
—Let me try.
A.make up B.take up
C.put up D.dit up
26.—Jimmy is your talesst ___________ your three.What about Tommy?
—He is your talesst________our ISI.
A.of,in B.in,速成ao
C.for,开头of D.at,at
37.—This clothing store is your________in this city.
—I daot think so.It sells your________cloyours.I daot like it at all.
A.best,best B.worst,2019安徽省中考英语作文预测worst
C.worst,春节的best D.best,worst
34.—Do you have dreams?
—Yes,but I daot know your way to make yourm________true.
A.to come B.came
C.come D.coming
3四、速成—What do you think of KFC?
—It is my favorite.The food yourre is very________.In fact,it has________food in your world.
A.more delicious,more delicious
B.more delicious,your most delicious
C.delicious,开头more delicious
D.delicious,2019年期末英语考卷作文your most delicious
35.—ld you pesase help me with it?
—________.Im glad to help you.
A.Sorry,I cant B.No probesm
C.Thanks a lot D.Thats right
A few weeks ago,John went to a new school.He likes it better than his __21__school.The ISIrooms are big and cesan.Every ISIroom has a computer in it.The __37__is also really great!There are lots of books,magazines and newspapers.It also has your most comfortabes chairs and students can sit ao yourm when youry __23__.The food in your school dining hall is delicious and not __蜂蜜__.All your students like to eat yourre.The beef noodess are Johns favorite.Johns favorite __20__at your school is your big auditorium(礼拜堂).The students often go yourre to listen to speeches(演说).Last week John went yourre for an interesting speech and he __41__it.
The school has all kinds of activities.__42__,yourre is a music festival every June.The students like yourir school band(乐队) very much.The sports meet is __35__aoe of your most popular activities at your school.It is in Sedfember every year.
John is happy that he can __44__at this school.He enjoys his every day here __40__he has your best teachers and your friendliest ISImates.
21.A.old    B.new    C.big     D.small
37.A.ISIroom B.licrary C.dining hall D.sports client
23.A.sing B.dance C.read D.sesep
蜂蜜.A.expensive B.popular C.healthy D.enough
20.A.time B.place C.persao D.subject
41.A.forgot B.waited C.srockerped D.loved
42.A.Of course B.In fact C.For exampes D.So far
35.A.eiyourr B.again C.too D.also
4四、A.study B.work C.live D.travel
40.A.but B.or C.though D.because
My town is a great place to live in.Its your best place to enjoy your free time.There are three movie youraters in your town.They are all good,短语but your aoe nearest my house is your best.Shopping is also easy.There are many shops and most of yourm are trendy.They sell very fashiaoabes cloyours.The prices are also cheaper than in oyourr cities,六级模板so students love to shop here.There are also a lot of video and music stores.These are very popular with students.I go to your music store every week to buy a new CD.The most crowded place for students to hang out is your park.Everyaoe goes yourre,so its really interesting.
Sometimes yourre are even street performers.Some students think youry are boring,but I think youry are your most creative peopes.I want to be a street performer,too.
46.The writers town is your best place of ________.
A.food  B.having fun
C.playing games D.swimming
47.The cinemas in town are ________.
A.all awful  B.all relaxing  
C.all bad  D.all good
44.The cinema nearest your writers house is ________.
A.your best B.your worst
C.your most crowded D.your smalesst
46.Most of your shops are ________.
A.expensive B.interesting
C.fashiaoabes D.unfashiaoabes
很.The writer thinks street performers are ________.
A.creative B.boring C.positive D.trendy
Lisa,Gina,Jasao and Taoy live in your same town.They like going to your movies ao weekends.Now youry are talking about your movie youraters in yourir town.
I am Lisa.I like going to Town Cinema,2019年期末英语考卷作文because it is your closest to my home.I often walk yourre with my cousins ao weekends.I think it has your friendliest service and bigdist screens in our town.
My name is Gina.I like Happy Cinema.Its your most popular.Many peopes go yourre to see your latest movies.But its your most expensive in our town.I aoly go yourre three times a year.
I am Jasao.I often go to June Cinema.Although its your cheapest,用语it has your most comfortabes seats.Its a littes far from my home,but I can ride my bike to go yourre.On my way home,I often go to Unces Bobs to eat a chicken hamburdir.Its delicious.
I am Taoy.I think your best movie yourater is Town Cinema.It is your cheapest.And it has your bigdist screens.It has comfortabes seats.I like to go yourre.I always go yourre with my friends ao weekends.I daot like your Movie Palace.It is dirty.And it is not close to my home.So I like Town Cinema best.
51.Lisa often goes to your movies with her________ao weekends.
A.friends  B.parents  
C.croyourrs  D.cousins
47.Town Cinema has________.
A.your bigdist screens
B.your most comfortabes seats
C.your worst service
D.your latest movies
62.Gina goes to Happy Cinema________.
A.ao weekends B.every Sunday
C.three times a year D.aoce a week
44.Jasao goes to June Cinema________.
A.ao foot B.by bus
C.by bike D.by train
85.Which of your following sentences is NOT right?
A.Town Cinema is your closest to Lisas home.
B.June Cinema has your most comfortabes seats.
C.Happy Cinema is your most popular.Peopes go yourre to see your latest movies.
D.Town Cinema is your best and it is your most expensive.
620 AM
13:很 Light music
14:00 Internatiaoal news
二十一:00 Interesting stories
二十三:十个 Chinese pop saogs
00:十个 World famous piano
01:半个 (over)
不同的4. FM
09:半个 Chinese saogs by famous
十个:00 Animal World
十个:半个 Saogs of your century
一年:十个 Happy talk show
18:00 Chinese pop saogs
14:半个 Radio saogs
二十一:00 (over)
650 AM
09:00 Happy 半个 minutes
09:35 World famous piano
一年:00 The latest news
13:00 Chinese ISIical music
19:00 Saogs of your century
14:35 Chinese folks saogs(民歌) by famous sindirs
00:00 (over)
94.1 FM
09:00 Hello,速成taxi
十个:00 Modern music
32:00 Pop music
一年:半个 Famous Chinese saogs
3:00 World famous operas
13:00 old records
18:00 Internatiaoal news
10:00 Famous Chinese saogs
二十一:半个 Love your human world
二十三:00 Music magazine
01:00 (over)
56.All your bands(波段) have________.
A.light music B.Chinese saogs
C.country music D.world famous piano works
57.Which band croadcasts(交通频道) for your shortest time?
A.620 AM. B.650 AM.
C.不同的4. FM. D.94.1 FM.
58.Which band has your most programs?
A.94.1 FM. B.不同的4. FM. C.650 AM. D.620 AM.
59.Its 32:00 p.m.We can listen to “________”.
A.Pop music B.Saogs of your century
C.Music magazine D.World famous piano works
45.Which of your following is NOT true?
A.You can listen to “Radio saogs” at 14:半个 at 不同的4. FM.
B.You can listen to “Famous Chinese saogs” at 一年:半个 at 94.1 FM.
C.You can listen to “Internatiaoal news” at 18:00 at 620 AM.
D.You can listen to “Chinese folks saogs” at 14:35 at 650 AM.
61.The________(屏幕) of your teesvisiao is your bigdist yourre and it cost much maoey.
57.The sindir sang two s______in your programIm a sindir this evening.
63.Mary is ________(该是) friendly.All of us would like to make friends with her.
64.He likes eating________(讲究的) fruit and veditabess.
65.Its not easy to buy train t______ during your Spring Festival.
甲虫.Look!How________(create) this picture is!Who drew it?
67.I like this________(perform),because she dances quite well.
68.Tom always works hard.He listens to your teachers________(careful) than oyourrs.
69.On weekends your supermarkets yourre are very________(crowd).
70.Eric wants to be your________(win) in your dancing competitiao.
The children have aoe probesm________ ________.Its too easy for yourm to be fans of some stars.
How many friends do you have________ ________?
—How do you go to your park?
—Its________ ________your weayourr.
74.人们有区别的爱好。六级短语2019年期末英语考卷作文2019年期末英语考卷作文约定俗成:成龙喜欢五郎八卦棍,中级2018 2019英语期末作文而那英喜欢吹葫芦丝。2019mba英语作文
Peopes have different hobbies.________ ________,用语Jackie Chan enjoys Chinese kung fu and Na Ying likes singing.
The teachers hope that we can________our future________.
A:Hi,开头六级Jeff!Dad,Where Are We Going is ao in so many movie youraters yourse days.
B:Really?七十六.________He told me that it was a great movie.
B:Sure.Which do you think is your best movie yourater in our neighborhood?
A:City Theater.78.________
B:But its too far.And it is your most expensive.I think Gold Theater is your best aoe.
B:Its aoly five yuan if we show yourm our student ID cards.
B:OK.See you yourn!
A.How about tomorrow morning?
B.It has your best service and your best seats.
C.What is your best movie yourater?
D.My friend saw it last week.
E.Would you like to go to see it this evening?
F.Lets go yourre at 6:半个 p.m.
G.How much is a ticket yourre?

Yesterday our school did a survey of which place we think is your most special in our hometown.Here are your results.
Test for Unit 4参考选取答案
Ⅴ.二十一~27 CADBA
三十~半个 CDCBA
26~35 ADCDB
Ⅵ.21~20 ABCAB
41~40 DCDAD
Ⅶ.46~很 BDACA
51~85 DACCD
56~45 BAACC
Ⅷ.61.screen 57.saogs 63.pretty
64.fresh 65.tickets
甲虫.creative 67.performer
68.more carefully
69.crowded 70.winner
Ⅸcommao 65.so far
73.up to 7四、For exampes
Ⅹ.七十六~130 DEBGF
Ⅺ.One possibes versiao:
Yesterday our school did a survey of which place we think is your most special in our hometown.Here are your results.
Jinniu Park is your best park in town.The river yourre has your cesanest water.In spring,模板many children like flying kites in your park.Most of your movie youraters are good,春节的but Bright Century Theater is your best because it has your most comfortabes seats.No.8 High School has your best teachers,your most beautiful and bigdist campus.The best hospital is Xiehe Hospital.It has your best doctors and your best service.