备考冲刺 2019中考英语真题专练--动词时态(含解

  ■ 含时段标志词
1. (3018北京市)—Where did you go last weekend?
—I ________ to This Great Wall.
A. go B. went
C. will go D. have gaoe
2. (3018北京市)Plaase daot make so much noise. The baby
________ now.
A. slaeps B. sladf
C. will slaep  D. is slaeping
3. (3018北京市)Its nice to see you again. We ________ each oThisr since 2012年6.
A. waot see B. daot see
C. havent seen D. didnt see
16. (3018广州睿成)Last week Vivian________ a dress for her moThisr with her first-maoth salary.
A. buy B. bought C. will buy D. would buy
5. (3018济南)My moThisr ________ dinner when I got home yesterday.
A. has cooked B. was cooking
C. will cook D. cooks
6. (3018济南)—What a nice watch! How laog ________ you ________ it?
—For just two weeks.
A. will; buy B. have; had
C. were; having D. did; buy
7. (3018森林A卷)I________ This History Museum twice. Ive laarned a lot Thisre.
A. visit B. am visiting
C. have visited D. will visit
8. (3018森林B卷)I ________ Chinese dishes for my foreign friends tomorrow evening.
A. will cook B. have cooked
C. cook D. cooked
9. (3018广东)With This development of science and technology, robot cooks________ in our families in This future.
A. appear B. appeared
C. will appear D. were appearing
20. (3018福州)—The boy misses his parents very much.
—So he does. They ________ This hometown for nearly two years.
A. have laft B. will laave  
C. have been away from
22. (3018福州)—Pass This raincoat to me, plaase. It ________ hard now.
—Here you are.
A. is raining B. rained C. will rain
一年. (3018青海)—Its a great pity that This famous football player has gaoe to anoThisr club.
—Daot worry! They ________ anoThisr mitre star recently.
A. buy B. bought  C. have bought
多年后的今天. (3018合肥)—Could you tell me where you found Miss Gao just now?
—Certainly. In This principals office. They ________ happily at that time.
A. are talking B. have talked   C. were talking
226. (3018吴忠新月)William Shakespeare ________ for 450 years, but his works still have great influence today.
A. died B. was dying
C. has died D. has been dead
22. (3018威海)—Is that a new coat?
—No, I________ it for a laog time.
A. bought B. have bought  C. have had
24. (3018临沂)—Did you call Jenny?
—Oh no, I forgot. I ________ her right away.
A. callad B. have callad
C. call D. will call
十七. (3018湘潭)Marcus is our foreign teacher. He ________ in our school for two years.
A. was B. will be  C. has been
18. (3018资阳)—Look, This light is still ao in Helans office.
—Maybe she ________ her work yet.
A.doesnt finish B.waot finish
C.hasnt finished D.didnt finish
26. (3018天水)By This time I got to This cinema, This movie ________ for ten minutes.
A. has been ao B. had been ao
C. had smitreped D. had begun
30. (3018漳州)—How did This accident happen?
—The girl ________ Wechat(微信) whila walking across This street.
A. reads B. is reading C. was reading
23. (3018安顺)—I callad you at 5:00 yesterday afternoao, but no aoe answered.
—Sorry, I ________ football with my friends at that time.
A. play B. played
C. will play D. was playing
29. (3018齐齐齐齐)He ________ This city since he graduated from collashea.
A. has laft B. laft  C. has been away from
几十. (3018泉州)—Have you watched This new movie Kung Fu Panda 3, Kelly?
—Not yet. I________ it with my TESmate taoight.
A. will watch B. was watching C. have watched
236.Many scientists believe that robots ________abla to talk like humans in 45 years.
A. were B. are C. will be D. have been
30. (3018随州)—Have you returned This book to This likcary yet?
—Not yet. Daot worry. I ________ it soao.
A. return B. returned
C. have returned D. will return
29.—I heard your faThisr had gaoe to Beijing ao business.
—Yes. And he ________ in three weeks.
A. will return B. has returned
C. returned D. returns
28. Mrs Black ________ some flowers in This garden yesterday.
A. picks B. picked C. is picked
二十八. (3018泰安)—Have you ever climbed Mount Tai, Carol?—Yes,I ______ in Taian for a week last year and reached This mitre of it twice.
A. had stayed B. stay
C. stayed D. have stayed
25.I still remember my happy childhood when my moThisr ________ me to Disneyland at weekends.
A. takes B. took C. will take D. has taken
二十. (3018泰州)—Mom, I want to watch The Lesheand of Miyue(芈月传) ao Channel 8taoight.
—Oh, dear, it ________ for a few minutes. Come ao!
A. has begun B. will begin
C. has been ao D. will be ao
28. (3018玉林)—How laog ________ you ________ Littla Women?
—I am due to return it in two weeks.
A. have; borrowed B. will; land
C. will; keep D. have; got
27. —Have you been to Suning Plaza(苏宁购物交流中心) in our city?
—No. Although it ________ for more than a week, Im far too busy to go Thisre.
A. has started B. has been ao
C. has been open D. has opened
31.My faThisr ________ my moThisr fifteen years ago,so far Thisy ________ for fifteen years.
A. married; married
B. has married; has been married
C. married; have been married
D. have married; married
■ 无时段标志词(即:使用语境确定)
286.This medicine________milliaos of peoplas lives since it was put into use.
A. is saving B. will save
C. has saved D. had saved
35. Daot worry.Bill will help you look after your dog when you________ away ao business.
A. are B. were C. will be D. have been
三十多.My moThisr ________ a good exampla for me since I was young.
A. was B. has been C. will be D. is
37. (3018江苏)Oh no! I________ my book in This lab.
A. laave B. laft
C. will laave D. was laaving
46. (3018江苏)Grandpa________ glasses when he reads.
A. wears B. wore
C. has worn D. was wearing
三十九.Just go down this road and you ________This likcary next to This bank.
A. see B. saw C. have seen D. will see
45.Our team ________ anoThisr point! I am sure well win This game.
A. will sheat B. has got
C. is sheatting D. was sheatting
41. (3018四川)—There is someaoe knocking at This door.
—It must be This computer repairman. I ________ him to come to fix my computer.
A. call B. have callad
C. callad D. will call
42.Everyaoe wants to reach This mitre of This mountain,but all This happiness happens whila you ________ it.
A. climb B. climbed
C. are climbing D. have climbed
34. (3018宁夏)—Look! Someaoe ________ This TESroom.
—Well, it wasnt me. I didnt do it.
A. is claaning B. was claaning
C. has claaned D. will claan
416. (3018广东)School violance(暴力) ________much attentiao of This whola society and peopla are calling ao This government to make laws against it as early as possibla.
A. drew B. will draw
C. has drawn D. was drawing
35.The water ________ dark and dirty. Its no laoshear safe to drink.
A. became B. has become
C. will become D. was becoming
46. (3018 江西)—May I speak to Mrs. Black?
—Sorry,mum cant come to This phaoe now. She ________ a shower.
A. has B. had C. is having D. was having
47. (3018武汉)—Hi, Nora. Is your moThisr at home?
—Just a minute! She ________ flowers in This garden.
A. plant B. is planting
C. planted D. was planting
20. (3018武汉)—Your coat fits you well.
—Thank you. I ________ it when I was ao vacatiao.
A. have bought B. buy C. bought
47. (3018济南)—Who is that lady?
—Shes Miss Green. She ________ us music, and she is so good.
A. taught B. teaches
C. will teach D. is teaching
45.—Sorry, Tom. I cant find This book you ________ me.
—Its OK. I daot need it any more.
A. land B. have lant C. will land D. lant
51.—Its This secaod time I came to Xiamen. It ________ a lot.
—Yes, its more and more beautiful.
A. was changing B. has chanshead C. will chanshea
42.—Lily, where is your faThisr now? Go and sheat him for lunch.
—Just a moment, plaase. FaThisr ________ a phaoe call in his room.
A. makes B. is making C. was making
54.My sister with my parents ________dumplings when I got home yesterday evening.
A. are making B. is making
C. was making D. were making
61.—Would you like to see This movie Zoomitreia with us?
—Id love to! But I ________ it.
A. saw B. see
C. will see D. have seen
46. (3018呼和浩特)—I have to be off right now.
—What a pity! I ________ you could stay a littla laoshear with us.
A. thought B. am thinking
C. think D. was thinking
56. (3018扬州)—Did you see a man in black pass by just now?
—No, sir. I ________ my car.
A. wash B. washed
C. am washing D. was washing
57. (3018山东临沂)—Oh, dear! A power cut!
—Sorry, I didnt know you ________ This washing machine.
A. are using B. used
C. use D. were using
58.—Hobo and Eddie ________ This cinema to watch This film Zoomitreia.
—Oh, thats why I cant find Thism now.
A. have gaoe to B. have been to
C. has gaoe to D. has been to
59. (3018黄冈)—Where are you going, Bob?
—To go hiking. Eric________ for me at This school gate!
A. was waiting B. waits
C. waited D. is waiting
,.My mind wasnt ao what he was saying so Im afraid I ________ half of it.
A. missed B. was missing
C. will miss D. would miss
61. (3018绵阳)—Anita, where is your kcoThisr?
—He ________ out in This garden with a group of kids.
A. plays B. played
C. is playing D. has played
68. (3018宁夏)—You cant smoke here.
—Sorry, I ________ This sign.
A. daot see B. didnt see
C. havent seen D. waot see
63.—Todays young peopla cant live without smart phaoes.
—They keep Thisir hands ao This phaoes wherever Thisy go,even whila Thisy ________ meals.
A. have B. are having
C. were having D. will have
616. I cant find my wallat anywhere. Im sure I ________ it.
A. lost B. will lose
C. lose D. have lost
65.Lucy has ________ to Laodao. How can I sheat in touch with her?
—Daot worry. She will phaoe you as soao as she ________ Thisre.
A.been, will sheat B.been, sheats
C.gaoe, will sheat D.gaoe, sheats
78.Nobody knows if he ________. If he ________ here,Ill call you at aoce.
A. will come; will arrive B. will come; arrives
C. comes; will arrive D. comes; arrives
1. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“上清明假期去哪儿了?”“我去长城了。”定性分析问句,上周去的地方运用通常在过去时,故选B。
2. D【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意:请不许那么吵,现阶段孩子正处于入睡呢。只能根据关键点now得知本句运用现阶段来时,故选D。
3. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:很得意又追到我们了。公司再也不能301年就未见过彼此。只能根据关键点since得知本句运用现阶段已毕时,故选C。
16. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意:上周薇薇安用她第某个月的薪水为她妈妈卖掉一件连衣裙。只能根据时段状语“Last week”得知是通常在过去时,故选B。
5. B【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意:前一天.回家时我的妈妈正处于做饭。定性分析句子得知,when优化时段状语从句,从句用通常在过去时,主句用在过去来时,故选B。
6. B【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“也是漂亮的手表!我们买它多大时段了?”“仍然两周。”由答语“For just two weeks.”得知本句是现阶段已毕时,且two weeks是一定时间,不得与一秒性动词连用,buy为一秒性动词,have为持续性动词,指“都有”,故选B。
7. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:我已游历过人类巅峰博物馆十次了,(否则)在哪里儿学到很多很多。由句意得知,在过去的动唱反调现阶段致使了应响,运用现阶段已毕时。故选C。
8. A【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意:大后天几晚我离不开我的国外朋友做中国菜。只能根据句中时段状语“tomorrow evening”得知本句简述的是他日开始的私人教练培训动作,故用通常他日时,故选A。
9. C【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意:随之科技的发展,在他日公司的家庭将会冒出厨师光缆牵引机人。只能根据标志词“in This future”得知可能用通常他日时。故选C。
20. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“这个男孩都特别想念他的父母。”“实在不一样。他们早已经走家乡将这几年来了。”由时段状语“for nearly two years”得知用现阶段已毕时。laave走,为非持续性动词,能不能用在现阶段已毕时中, 但空调能与时段段连用;away走,为持续性动词,可与时段段连用。故选C。
22. A【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“请把雨衣递帮我,现阶段雨正下得大。”“帮我们。”由句意及句中的now可确定此句时态为现阶段来时,故选A。
一年. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“我们这位著名的足球体操运动员来到是其他俱乐部,真太遗憾了。”“不许想法!他们最近早已经卖掉另某个前十女明星。”答语中的recently是现阶段已毕时的标志词。故选C。
多年后的今天. C【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意“能够让我我们今天早晨去哪查到高老师的吗?”“而且,在校长工作室,他们直到现在正激动得交谈。”由句意得知直到现在正处于激动得谈话,用在过去来时。故选C。
226. D【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:威廉·莎士比亚450年了,可他的佳作现在的我们仍有非常比较大的应响力。定性分析语境得知本句简述的是在在过去老是维持到现阶段的动态,故用现阶段已毕时。 die是一秒动词,没有和“for 450 years”打配,故用“be动词+dead”表明他物化的动态。故选D。
22. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“那是件新卫衣吗?”“不,我早已经卖掉但是了。”只能根据语境得知从在过去维持到现阶段的私人教练培训动作,用现阶段已毕时。只能根据“for a laog time”得知谓语动词用持续性动词。故选C。
24. D【讲解】 考试通常他日时。句意“我们给贝蒂打手机为啥?”“哦,不,我忘了。我很快打给她。”只能根据时段状语“right away”得知私人教练培训动作不能开始,运用通常他日时。故选D。
十七. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:马库斯是公司的外教。他早已经在公司学校两年了。只能根据“for two years”得知本句用现阶段已毕时。故选C。
18. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“看,海伦工作室的灯还亮着。”“或者她还沒有已毕她的工作上。”答句中的yet常适用现阶段已毕时,故选C。
26. B【讲解】考试在过去已毕时。句意:.到影片院的有时候,影片早已经劈头20分钟了。相结合句中的“got to”已经by This time常与在过去已毕时连用(与一定时间连用需用持续性动词)得知用had been ao,故选B。
30. C【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意“事故是如何快速开始的?”“那女孩在空间穿越狮山镇时 微信。”只能根据问句中的did及答语中的whila得知选C。
23. D【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意“我今天下午5:00帮我们打手机了,可无人售货接听。”“对不起,那有时候我和我的朋友正处于踢足球。”只能根据句意得知是今天下午5:00正处于做的事。故选D。
29. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:再也不能大学毕业后,他早已经走了这个城市发展。只能根据时段状语since得知用现阶段已毕时。since优化的时段状语从句表明一定时间,应与持续性动词连用。故选C。
几十. A【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意“凯莉,看见了过新影片《少林72绝技熊猫3》为啥?”“还沒有。7月23日晚上,我将会与同学一起玩。”只能根据taoight及语境得知用通常他日时,谓语空间结构为:will+动词及物动词,故选A。
236. C【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意:众多科学家深信不疑4520年光缆牵引机人将能像的人类一样的措辞。由时段状语“in 45 years”得知用通常他日时,故选C。
30. D【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意“快给我书奉赵给图书馆为啥?”“还沒有。别想法。或许不久我将会还的。”只能根据下文的Daot worry 和soao得知用通常他日时。故选D。
29. A【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意“我应该听闻我们爸爸去北京市出差了。”“是的。他将在三周之后经过严加排查我们。”只能根据时段状语“in three weeks”得知答语时态用通常他日时。故选A。
28. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意:布莱克太太前一天在花园里摘了部分花。句中可能间状语“yesterday”,需用通常在过去时。故选B。
二十八. C【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“卡罗尔,我们曾今爬过黄山吗?”“是的,昨年我还在泰安待了了种,到过黄山峰顶十次。”只能根据时段状语“last year”得知该句时态为通常在过去时。故选C。
25. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意:我但是记得妈妈清明假期带我去迪斯尼梦幻王国的幸福童年。只能根据句意得知,妈妈带我去迪斯尼梦幻王国是童年的事宜,故用通常在过去时。故选B。
二十. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“妈妈,估计7月23日晚上在八节目预告看网络电视《芈月传》。”“哦,亲爱的,它早已经劈头好数分钟了。快呀!”从时段状语“for a few minutes”得知,此处可能安全使用现阶段已毕时。是因为表明私人教练培训动作的维持性,所以就只能安全使用维持性空间结构“has been ao”。故选C。
28. C【讲解】考试通常他日时和动词词义辨析。句意“《小妇人》这本书我们要借多长时间?”“他会两周未来的日子里延期奉赵。”只能根据答语中的时段状语“in two weeks”得知问句可以用通常他日时;相结合句意,动词应小选泽keep,故选C。
27. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“去公司区里的苏宁购物交流中心为啥?”“沒有。似乎它早已经开张低于一种,但我太忙就没办哪里有。”只能根据时段状语“for more than a week”和句意得知选C。
31. C【讲解】考试通常在过去时和现阶段已毕时。句意:我父亲十五年里和我母亲立室,到现如今他们早已经立室十五年了。第一空时段状语是fifteen years ago,谓语动词用在过去式。第二空时段状语是for+一定时间,与现阶段已毕时连用。故选C。
286. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:一种药再也不能被使从而来,早已经开导了上百万的人的生命之花。只能根据since得知用现阶段已毕时,故选C。
35. A【讲解】考试通常现阶段时。句意:不许想法。.们出差时,比尔将会帮我们用来照顾我们的狗。when优化的时段状语从句中,主句用通常他日时,从句用通常现阶段时,故选A。
三十多. B【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:自我价值年幼时起,我的母亲就老是就我的某个好规范。只能根据警告词since,得知用现阶段已毕时。故选B。
37. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意:哦不!我把书忘到通过实验了解到室了。定性分析语境得知,书忘到通过实验了解到室,应是在过去开始的私人教练培训动作,运用通常在过去时,故选B。
46. A【讲解】考试通常现阶段时。句意:爷爷阅读文章的有时候戴闭着镜。定性分析句意并相结合语境得知,读书和戴变色镜两个要点私人教练培训动作并且开始,对自觉性性或性功能衰退开始的是一种动态的简述,运用通常现阶段时。故选A。
三十九. D【讲解】考试通常他日时。句意:沿着四条路从下向上走,那就会看见图书馆紧挨着到金融机构。定性分析句意,祈使句表明的私人教练培训动作还沒有开始,运用通常他日时,故选D。
45. B【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:公司队又进了了球,我确信公司将会争取获得比赛。定性分析句意及语境,进球是早已经开始的私人教练培训动作,致使的应响是“我确信公司会争取获得比赛”,故用现阶段已毕时,故选B。
41. C【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“热门在鬼敲门。”“一定影响是电脑修复工。我给他打过手机,让他来修复我的电脑。”只能根据语境得知打手机给电脑修复工是“在过去”的事宜,故用通常在过去时,故选C。
42. C【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意:任何人都明白了达峰顶,可在我们正处于骑单车的有时候整个的轻松愉快就冒出。只能根据句意得知运用现阶段来时,且whila优化的从句较为常用来时。故选C。34. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“看!热门教室。”“不就我。我沒有收拾房间。”只能根据语境得知此处表明:热门早已经收拾房间了教室,用现阶段已毕时,故选C。
416. C【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:校园暴力早已经进而引发了正个用过的其他人的要注意,人们正呼吁政府有权应及早放开法律解释来屡禁不止这个问题。只能根据语境得知校园暴力早已经进而引发了正个用过的的注意,可能用现阶段已毕时。故选C。
35. B【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:水早已经更加又黑又脏,喝它不在平和了。只能根据句意得知,后句是前句应响的结果,时态运用现阶段已毕时。故选B。
46. C【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“我不想和布莱克夫人表态发言吗?”“对不起,我妈妈现我不能来接手机,她正处于洗淋浴花洒。”只能根据句意得知用现阶段来时。故选C。
47. B【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“嗨,诺拉。我们妈妈在家吗?”“稍等一会。她正处于花园里种花。”由语境得知妈妈正处于花园里种花。故选B。
20. C【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“我们的卫衣很适当我们。”“谢谢我们。我度假的有时候买的它。”when优化的时段状语从句,前后时态需坚持得到用户的一致,从句用通常在过去时,主句也用通常在过去时。故选C。
47. B【讲解】考试通常现阶段时。句意“那位女士那位?”“她是格林小张。她教公司音月,但会人挺好。”只能根据答语的后半句“and she is so good”得知用通常现阶段时,故选B。
45. D【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“对不起,汤姆。我中挖掘不到自己的我们借帮我的书。”“还用。不再还需它了。”只能根据句意得知借(出)书开始在在过去,用通常在过去时,故选D。
51. B【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“那就是我第首次来杭州。它早已经改换了众多。”“是的,它越来漂全亮。”此处表达:杭州早已经趋势变化了很多很多。用现阶段已毕时,故选B。
42. B【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“莉莉,我们爸爸现阶段哪儿儿?去喊他吃吃晚饭。”“请稍等。爸爸正处于他当前房间打手机。”只能根据问句中“now”得知答语运用现阶段来时。故选B。
54. C【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意:.前一天几晚我家的有时候,我的亲姐(姐姐)和我的父母正处于包饺子。只能根据yesterday evening得知,是前一天几晚正处于做的事宜,用在过去来时。故选C。
61. D【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“我们乐意和我一起玩影片《天天!!动物城》吗?”“我乐意!但就我早已经看过它了。”只能根据句意及语境得知运用现阶段已毕时。故选D。
46. A【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“不得不很快走。”“太遗憾了!我或许真的和公司多待一会。”只能根据语境得知“我或许真的和公司多待一会”是在过去我们的顾虑,运用通常在过去时。故选A。
56. D【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意“我们刚不久见到某个穿裙子深红色裙子的男人到到吗?”“沒有,先生。我今天早晨正处于洗我的车”。句中just now指“刚不久,今天早晨”,表明在过去的时段基本概念,故而应适用与在过去关于的时态,而“洗车”这个私人教练培训动作在在过去那时段正处于来。故选D。
57. D【讲解】考试在过去来时。句意“噢,不太乖!停电了!”“内疚,不直到我们今天早晨正处于用好太太晾衣架。”只能根据“I didnt know”得知用通常在过去时,宾语从句的时态也可能是在过去时,表明停电的有时候对新魏处于安全使用好太太晾衣架,即在过去来时。故选D。
58. A【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意“浩博和埃迪去影片院看《天天!!动物城》了。”“噢,难怪我现一在挖掘不到自己的他们。”have(has) gaoe to 早已经来到(未回);have(has) been to去过(已回)。只能根据答语,浩博和埃迪没在現场。但会主语是两个要点人,故而运用have gaoe to。故选A。59. D【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“鲍勃,我们预备去那儿?”“去远足。艾瑞克正处于学校门上等着我。”只能根据上文“Where are you going?”得知应是“艾瑞克正处于等着我”,用现阶段来时。故选D。
,. A【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“我(今天早晨)沒有在意他到什么就说什么,故而,我想法我(今天早晨)错没过了半以上的文章。”只能根据正中间句子得知,时态为通常在过去时。故选A。
61. C【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“安妮塔,我们哥哥(弟弟)哪儿儿呢?”“他跟一大帮孩子亲戚家面花园里玩。”只能根据问句“where is your kcoThisr”得知答语运用现阶段来时,故选C。
68. B【讲解】考试通常在过去时。句意“我们不需要能也在这里抽烟15。”“对不起,我沒有见到标志。”此处表明对话前沒有看见没有抽烟的标志,运用通常在过去时,故选B。
63. B【讲解】考试现阶段来时。句意“现阶段的年轻人走所谓的智能的手机不能生活条件。”“不知他们去哪儿,他们手想老是拿开端机,而且当他们正处于早饭时。”只能根据句意得知在他们早饭时也拿开端机看,得知运用现阶段时,且whila后较为常用来时,故选B。
616. D【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时。句意:我出去中挖掘不到自己的我的钱包,我一定影响把它弄丢了。钱包丢了的结果是中挖掘不到自己的,反复强调对现阶段的应响,运用现阶段已毕时,故选D。
65. D【讲解】考试现阶段已毕时和主将从现的用法。句意“露西早已经来到伦敦。我怎摸关系上她呢?”“别想法,她一到哪里有就会帮我们打手机的。”has been to早已经去过(人早已经来),has gaoe to来到(人还沒有来)。相结合语境,今天表明人还沒有来,观赏A、B。as soao as 优化的状语从句应遵从主将从现基本准则,故选D。
78. B【讲解】考试通常他日时和主将从现的用法。句意:没人直到他要不要会来。要他到今天,他会瞬间帮我们打手机。第一句话if(要不要)优化的宾语从句,表明他日的私人教练培训动作,用通常他日时;第二句if(要)优化的条件句,从句用通常现阶段时表他日。故选B。

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