101. base n. 根据地,基地 v.以…为基地, 把基地设在
  1) base sth on/upon sth 以…为基础 His book is based on a true story.
  2) be based in以…为基地,话题把基地设在 The toy company is based in Guangzhou.
  basic adj 基本的basic knowledge/skills basically adv.
  102. care n. 照料;保管 take care of 照顾、保管 take care (that)…当心
  v. 在乎;介意 I don’t care. 我不在乎/我不放在心上。
  care for 喜欢;照顾 care about 关心;在乎
  103. manage v. 经营,管理;设法完成 management manager
  manage a factory; manage to do = succeed in doing
  104. trick n. 诡计,把戏,花招,计谋;v. 欺骗 play a trick on sb 捉弄,生活欺骗
  105. lesson n. 1take/ have lessons 上课 2give lessons 授课
  3teach/ give sb. a lesson给某人一个教训
  4draw/ take a lesson from … 从…吸取教训
  106. knock v. 1knock at the door 敲门 2knock around/ about 漫游/ 虐待
  3knock down 撞到/拆掉 knock over 撞翻
  107. physical a.身体的,物理的 physical education 体育 physical training 身体训练
  a physical examination 体检 physical labor 体力劳动
  the physical world 物质世界 a physical change 物理变化
  108. exist vi 存在 There exists no life on the moon.(有…)
  ◎existence n. 存在 come into existence 开始存在,成立 be in existence 存在
  109. represent 代表 represent somebody/something
  The President was represented at the ceremony by the Vice-President
  The association was formed to represent the interests of women artists.
  110. correct adj正确的,恰当的; vt纠正,在线批改
  I think you’ve made the correct decision. I spent all evening correcting essays.
  correctly adv. Have you spelled it correctly?
  111. popular adj. 流行的;受欢迎的;大众的;通俗的
  The book is popular with children.受某人欢迎
  They sell the computers at popular prices Popular songs/science
  112. match –matches
  1) 比赛;火柴;匹敌的人,对手;匹配的人/物 strike a match划火柴 a box of matches 一盒火柴
  I was no match for him at tennis. 打网球我不是他的对手
  I’m his match at tennis. 打网球我跟他难分伯仲
  The curtains and carpet are a good match.窗帘和地毯非常相配。
  2) vt.配对,匹配;匹敌 match A with B No one can match him in maths.
  区分fit / match /suit
  113. lend a hand to sb. / lend sb. a hand
  114. accompany v. 陪伴,大全伴随,伴奏 accompany sb. to the school/ supermarket
  accompany the singer on / at the piano Lightening usually accompanies thunder.
  115. refuse vtvi 拒绝 ~ sth/ to do
  116. careful adj. 仔细的;小心的 be careful of… 当心,小心 listen carefully
  117. backward adv. backward and forward 来来回回
  bend /lean over backward to do 竭尽全力去做…
  118. construction n. 建造,建设 be under construction 正在修建中
  construct vt 1)建造,修建 construct a bridge 2) 创建 construct a theory
  119. wish n. 愿望;v. 希望,祝愿 wish you + 名词(success/ good luck/ a pleasant trip)! 祝你成功!翻译
  wish for sth I wish that 从句(用虚拟语气) wish to do希望干某事
  120. chance n. 机会;可能性 give sb. a chance 给…一次机会;
  take a chance/chances 冒险;碰运气 by chance/accident 偶然;
  There is a/no chance that… 有可能/不可能…
  121. accident n.事故,意外的事
  by accident/chance 偶然,必修高考英语作文模板无意中;不小心
  122. upon prep. 在… 上面 upon /on+ sth/doing 名词/动名词= as soon as 从句
  Upon his arrival, I will telephone you.
  123. host n。 主人 hostess 主持人 ~ of the TV show
  东道主 ~ country vt.主持,主办 ~ the party/meeting/Olympic games
  124. regardless The weather was terrible but we carried on regardless.
  125. strike v. struck struck ; struck stricken
  The child was struck by a car. 碰撞 撞击 He struck him in the face. 打击
  The area was struck by a terrible earthquake.袭击 爆发
  An idea has just struck me.突然想起
  The union has voted to strike for a pay increase of 6%. 罢工
  Strike a match on the wall.擦划(火柴) The clock has just struck three.敲,话题报时
  I was struck by the beauty of nature. 打动 n. 罢工 / 攻击 袭击 be on strike
  126. delay v. a delay of two hours a two-hour delay
  report it to the police without delay
  Thousands of passengers were delayed for over an hour.
  delay doing:He delayed telling her news,waiting for the right moment.
  127. schedule 1) n. 时间表,日程表 a train schedule ahead of schedule
  2) v. 安排,知识排定 We have scheduled the meeting for Monday.
  128. try n. 尝试 v. 审理,努力,尝试 try on 试穿 try out试用
  have a try 试一下 try the case审理案件
  try to do 努力 try doing试着干
  try one’s best to do =do one’s best to do尽力干
  129. defeat v. n. a narrow defeat 惜败 a heavy defeat 惨败 admit defeat
  He defeated the champion.
  130. argument n. 1)争论,辩论 have an argument with sb about / over sth
  2) 论点,论据 a powerful argument against smoking argue v. argue with sb about / over sth
  131. eager adj. 渴望的 be eager for sth be eager to do
  132. situation n. 位置,形势,局面,高考英语作文范文境遇,处境 the ~ of a town位置 the international ~
  I am in a very difficult situation ____ I don’t know what to do.
  133. amusement n. 1) 娱乐,乐趣 to one’s amusement 让某人发笑
  They were dancing and singing in the car, much to the amusement of passers-by.
  2) 娱乐活动,翻译消遣活动 amusements amuse vt. amuse sb/ oneself 使开心,逗笑
  amused / amusing adj. an amused smile / look/ expression 愉快的微笑/ 神情/ 表情
  an amusing story/ film 有趣的,好笑的,逗人发笑的故事/ 电影
  134. oneself of oneself 自动地 for oneself 亲自 (all) by oneself 独自
  talk to oneself=think aloud 自言自语 enjoy oneself 玩得开心
  I am not myself today. 身体不舒服 Help yourself to some fish. 随便吃
  135. before It will be +段时间+before+ do/does…要过多久才…
  It was +段时间+before+ did…没过多久就…
  136. object n. 物品,宾语 v. 不同意 everyday objects 日常物品
  her object in life=aim 目标 object to n./doing… 反对;不同意
  Many local people objected to building the new airport. objective adj. 客观的
  137. lie vt. 说谎 (lied-lied-lying) lie to sb n. 说谎 tell a lie/ tell lies
  vi.平躺 (lay-lain-lying) lie on your back/side vi.位于;存在 (lay-lain-lying) lie in/on/to
  The book lay open on the desk. There lies…
  lie in 在于… Success lies in hard work.
  138. instant n/ adj. ------ instantly adv.
  adj. The show was an ~success. ~coffee / noodles
  n. I will be back in an ~. At the very~, the door opened.
  I recognized her the ~ I saw her.
  139. bother vt./vi. 1) 花费时间精力做某事(常用于否定句,疑问句中)
  ① bother with/ about sth ---Shall I wait? ---No, don’t bother.
  It’s not worth bothering with an umbrella.
  ② bother to do He didn’t even bother to let me know he was coming.
  ③ bother doing Why bother asking if you are not really interested?
  2) 给…造成麻烦,痛苦 使…烦恼,翻译担忧
  ① bother sb with/ about… I don’t want to bother her with my problems.
  ---I’m sorry he was rude to you. --- It doesn’t bother me.
  ② bother sb. that… Does it bother you that she earns more than you?
  ③ bother sb. to do… It bothers me to think of her alone at home.
  3) 打扰 插话 bother sb Sorry to bother you, but…
  be bothered about sb./ sth 认为…重要 关心… I’m not bothered about what he thinks.
  n. 麻烦 困难(不可数) ---Thanks for your help. --- it was no bother.
  put sb. to bother get sb. /oneself into bother给某人添麻烦
  140. now (that) =since 既然 Now that the guests left ,we’ve got a lot of extra space.
  (every) now and then/again=from time to time 不时地 It is now or never. 机不可失
  141. crazy adj疯狂的,愚蠢的,非常气愤的;热衷于
  She must be crazy to lend him money. That noise is driving me crazy.
  Rick is crazy about football.
  like crazy/ mad 拼命地,大全疯狂地 We worked like crazy to get it done on time.
  142. abuse v / n. 滥用,谩骂 abuse alcohol/ drugs 酗酒 /嗜毒
  abuse power/ position/ privilege 滥用权力/职权/特权
  143. volunteer n.v. 志愿者,志愿 volunteer one’s car for the trip
  144. arrange vt. 安排,大全布置
  arrange an appointment 安排预约 Have you arranged to meet Mark this weekend?
  We had arranged that I would go for the weekend.我们商量好了,这个周末我去。翻译2010高考英语作文
  He arrived as arranged. 他如约而至。
  The company will arrange for a taxi to meet you at the airport.
  Dave arranged for someone to drive him home.
  arrangement n. 安排,布置 make arrangements for…
  145. according to 根据 According to the law, he should be sentenced to death.
  146. light 1) n.光线 by the light of the moon; throw light on/ upon(把…阐述清楚)
  灯 turn on/ off the lights; The light went out.灯熄灭了
  2)adj. 明亮的, 浅色的,轻的
  a light classroom;light blue eyes;as light as a feather;a light / sound sleep
  3) vt. (lighted- lighted/ lit- lit) light a candle; a lighted candle; light up
  147. aware be aware of
  148. surround vt. 围绕; 包围 The jail is surrounded by/with walls.
  Happiness is being surrounded by family and friends
  149. save vt.挽救;节省;保留;避免,省得 I am saving for a new bike.
  Thanks for sending that letter for me—it saved me a trip.
  150. steady 稳步的;持续的;稳固的 We are making slow but steady progress.
  Such fine work requires a good eye and a steady hand.
  151. taste n. I don’t like the taste of olives(橄榄)。英语
  I have lost my sense of taste. Modern art is not to everyone’s taste.
  v. Taste it and you will find it delicious. The dish tastes delicious.
  152. arrive v arrival n. 到来;达到 arrive at Guests receive dinner on/upon their arrival
  153. smell smelled/smelled; smelt/smelt link-v. 闻起来
  Dinner smells good. What does the perfume(香水)smell like?
  v. 闻; 嗅; 觉察到 Can you smell something burning?
  He smelt danger / trouble. n. 气味;嗅觉 Dogs have a very good sense of smell.
  154. talent n. 天资,必修生活高考英语作文范文 天赋; 人才
  Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time; a man of talent tries to use it.
  He is a talent but he always hides his light under a bushel.
  155. drive v.驾驶,英语 开车; 驱逐; 迫使 drive a car / taxi drive sb mad
  156. spot n. 1)点;斑点;污点,瑕疵;(太阳的)黑点 2)地点,场所
  on the spot 当场,立即,在现场
  v.点缀,弄脏,使有污点 The night sky is spotted with stars.
  157. line n. 线, 线路 lines 台词 on line 在线的,上网的;drop sb a line给…写封短信
  The line is busy. 电话占线。 Hold the line, please. 别挂电话
  158. compensate 补偿,赔偿,弥补 compensate for sth compensate sb for sth
  159. must n. 必须的事 A knowledge of English is a must in international trade and meetings.
  160. worthwhile a. 值得做的 a worthwhile effort
  It is worthwhile to do sth/doing sth It isn’t worthwhile continuing with the project.
  I thought it worthwhile to clarify the matter.
  161. turn n. 轮流,mydreamjob顺序 v. 转变,翻译旋转,变成
  in turn=by turns 轮流(作状语) take turns to do=take turns at doing(作谓语)
  It is my turn.该我了。话题 turn against sb/sth 背叛
  turn back返回 turn down调低,拒绝
  turn up 开大,上涨,到来,英语露面 turn in 上交(=hand in) turn to 转向,变成,英语求助于
  turn off 关掉 turn on 打开
  turn over 翻过来 turn A into/to B 把A变成B
  turn out (to be) n/adj/ adv 结果是,被证明是(强调与预料的相反)
  eg. He turned out to be very honest. It turned out that he was not a thief but a policeman.
  It turned out to a success.
  162. trip n.旅行,旅程 go on a trip to a place
  163. urge vt. 鼓励,生活激励 urge sb to do/into doing They urged me to eat the strange food.
  urge that clause(should do) He urged that we should take such steps.
  164. cause n. 原因、话题起因 cause and effect 因果
  the cause of fire/cancer 火灾/癌症的起因
  v. 引起;促使 The storm left, ____ a lot of damage to this area.
  165. considerate : It is considerate of him to wait. considering prep.
  166. necessary adj. 必要的,必须的 It is necessary for sb. to do…
  If (it is) necessary, you can call on me. It is necessary that …(should)…
  167. rock n.岩石 v.摇,使摇动 The town was ~ed by an earthquake.
  He sat ~ing in his chair.
  168. conclude v
  1) 结束 conclude (sth)(with sth) He concluded by wishing everyone a safe trip home.
  1) 推断出conclude sth from sth What do you conclude from that?
  conclusion n. draw /reach /come to a conclusion 得出结论
  in conclusion 总之,在线最后 In conclusion, I would like to thank you.
  169. afraid a. 害怕的;担心
  be afraid to do 因为害怕不敢做…; be afraid of doing 害怕…
  She was afraid to go out alone at night. She was afraid of waking him up
  170. declare v.公布,宣布;声明,断言
  The government has declared a state of emergency.
  Germany declared war on France on 1 August 1914.
  He declared that he was in love with her.
  declare for 声明支持 declare against 声明反对
  171. develop v.发展,壮大; 疾病开始侵袭;冲洗
  She developed the company from nothing. I had the film developed.
  Her son developed asthma when he was two. develop a habit
  developed / developing/ development with the development of science and technology
  172. insist v. 1The man insisted that he hadn’t stolen anything and that he (should) be set free.
  2 insist on doing sth.
  173. sky n.天空 in the sky a blue sky
  174. left adj. adv. n. 1make a left turn turn left/ turn to the left
  2the money left / the remaining money
  175. support v. 支持 拥护;援助;赡养 供养;支撑 支护
  If you raise it at the meeting , I will support you.
  He has 2 children to support.
  Support the baby’s head when you hold it. in support of
  176. harvest n.
  A heavy snow promises a good harvest. 瑞雪兆丰年 get in the harvest 收庄稼
  177. end n.末尾;终点;结束 v.结束;终止 bring sth to an end end up in failure
  put an end to sth end up doing
  come to an end end up with
  178. chief adj. 主要的;首要的 n. 首领;领导人 chiefs (复数)
  179. appointment n.
  make an appointment 约定、会 his appointment as president 他担任总统的任命
  180. concentrate v. 集中(思想等) concentration n
  I can’t concentrate with that noise going on.
  concentrate (sth) on (doing) sth 集中…做…
  I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finding somewhere to live
  181. believe believe it or not (插入语)信不信由你
  It is believed that he is a good teacher. =He is believed to be a good teacher.
  182. hesitate vt. ~ to do sth hesitation n. without hesitation
  183. collection收藏品 a stamp collection have a large collection of books
  184. debt n. 债务,欠款 pay off/clear/repay the debts be in debt 欠债
  go/get/run/slip into debt 陷入债务之中
  185. announce vt. 宣布,宣告,公布
  announce a decision / plan/ intention announce sth to sb announce that
  At the end of the meeting , it was announced that an agreement had been reached.
  make an announcement
  186. encouragement n. 鼓励-encourage-encouraged-encouraging
  encourage sb to do sth
  187. likely adj. more ~ most ~ a. be ~ to do / that
  Tickets are ~ to be expensive. It is more than ~ that the thieves don’t know how much it is worth.
  b. a ~ story 好像真有这回似的
  188. approach 1)。 v. 接近;靠近;走进
  As they approached the wood, a rabbit ran out of the trees.
  I find him difficult to approach. The winter vacation is approaching.
  2)。 n. 接近;方法;途径;通路
  He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling.
  His approach to the problem are wrong. All the approach to the palace were guarded by troops.
  189. poor (poorer, poorest) adj 贫穷的;贫瘠的;可怜的;差的
  1) be poor /rich in natural resources 2) a poor fellow
  3) a poor memory 4) be poor in health
  190. once adv. 一次 conj. 一旦 all at once=suddenly 突然 at once 立即,同时
  (just) for once/just this once 仅此一次
  Once bitten, twice shy. 一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。 once more=once again 再一次
  once upon a time 从前,很久以前 (every) once in a while 偶尔,间或
  191. question vt. 提问,大全询问,质问 n. 问题,大全疑问
  He was questioned by the police. out of question 没问题 out of the question 不可能
  4. ●quit quit quit quitted quitted 1)。If I don’t get more money, I’ll quit .
  192. trap n. 陷阱 vt. 使陷入困境 set/lay/place a trap for mice
  fall into/get out of a trap I trapped my coat in the car door.
  Having been trapped in traffic, he was late for work.
  193. basis (复数 bases )
  1)基础,要素 form the basis of…
  2) 基准,原则 on a regular /permanent basis 以定期的/永久的方式
  3) 原因,缘由 on the basis of… Some videos were banned on the basis of violence.
  194. delight 快乐,乐事 to the delight of sb with delight
  take(great)delight in doing: He takes great delight in proving others wrong.
  The guitar is a delight to play. delight in sth/ doing sth
  delighted: be delighted to do/ that/ by/at/ with
  He was delighted at the news of the wedding.
  195. prepare vt. 准备,在线使…做准备 prepare a piece of paper for the diction为…准备…
  prepare to do sth准备干 prepare sb for sth 使某人为…做准备
  be (well) prepared for sth/to do sth (表状态) make preparations for 为…做准备
  in preparation for为…做准备 (作状语) The teacher prepared the students for the exam.
  196. what pron. 什么 What for=why What have you come here for?
  So what? 那又怎么样?(表反问) What if it rains? 如果下雨怎么办?
  197. submit v. 屈服; 提交,必修2010年高考英语作文 呈递; 申辩 submit an application
  Please submit your reports to me before the deadline.
  submit oneself to a search by the guards 让士兵检查
  submit to the enemy
  198. comment n. 评论 make a comment on /about sth
  vi comment on/ upon sth
  199. credit n. 1) on credit 赊购,mydreamjob2014高考英语作文赊欠 2) three credits 三个学分
  3) credit card 信用卡 4) to one’s credit 值得赞扬,使受尊重
  ( Much/ Greatly) to his credit, Jack refused to accept the gift.
  200. shake (shook-shaken) vt. 摇动,抖动;使发抖 vi. 震动,发抖
  ~ hands with sb He was ~ing with cold.